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Winter Wonderland


I’ve been reading a lot lately. Mostly because I have finally gotten a routine settled for myself with self care which includes getting more sleep. My brain spins at bedtime like a Jr. High kid getting a swirly. I have set aside at least an hour each night to read and relax my mind and body. On my Listers Gotta List email for January there was an excercise to list books you want to read in 2016. Now, I want to read more than these but these are my next up. I set my Goodreads goal at something like 50, but I hope to read more than that.

Aa far as the LGL, it’s a tool to help me journal. I am a giant planner nerd and am currently using a Travelers Notebook setup. My love of planners is a whole other post. You don’t even wanna know…

Listers Gotta List January
Listers Gotta List January

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