I am not a faceless statistic

I am being laid off today from a job I have had over 8 years at an institution where I have gotten 2 degrees. tracy and grandbebeNot because of poor work performance but because our state government has not passed a state budget in over 222 days. 198 people will lose their jobs today. We lost 62 in the fall. People have left to work other places because of our situation. We have not received $40,000,000 in state appropriations. We have paid students MAP grants so that they may still attend college, in hopes that the state would pass a budget and we could continue on.         I am not a faceless statistic. I am #forevereiu. Dear State of Illinois, please #fundeiu.


New schtuff

Lamy Safari fountain pen

My husband always goes on and on about fountain pens so for Christmas I bough him a fountain pen and ink. After messing with it myself-what it’s a pen-I had to get one myself. I bought a Lamy Safari so I wouldn’t be dropping a bazillion dollars on it in case I misplaced it.

I love it. It writes so smoothly. I want to try different nibs and inks to see how it works. So now we can add fountain pen and planner obsession to my list. That’s a dangerous combination.

I’ve also added some roller stamps to my arsenal of planner tools because when you journal and plan out a week, you need some fun to it.

Any fountain pen users out there?  Favorite brand of ink…I need recommendations. Continue reading “New schtuff”