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The Waiting Game

The radish queen

ANNNND, still no answers. Waiting for my MRI results and all my neuro tests to be sent to my Dr. at Barnes. Can I volunteer to go photocopy it myself and drive it down because it’s 5 13 8 weeks later (Shit, I cannot keep track of time. )*circle back* and I am positive I could get it mailed or hand delivered faster.

My family still gets to hear me repeat myself but I’m working hard at taking better care of myself. I’m making the hubby walk with me and got him a FitBit so we can challenge the kids. My only concession to junk food is tortilla chips and guac. I mean, c’mon, it’s guac. The good fats, right? I have lost 5 pounds in a couple of weeks. I just have to be careful of when I am outside because too much sun= flare.

The garden is looking killer. I’ve been teaching little miss to pick radishes. I tell her the big ones are yelling “pick me” at her. She even takes them and washes them for me. Not a fan of the taste though. These are French Breakfast radishes which are so beautiful.


This is kinda all over the place, but hey, so am I.