Vintage find at Thrift Store

I went thrift shopping Friday and got some great sweaters, some tee shirts to use for baby leggings and tees, and I found a few handmade items on the rack. I found an old seersucker dress with a small stain that will cut apart for quilts, a gingham apron with rickrack, and a 60’s poly wool dress. This person put lots of care into sewing it. It’s not my color or size but I bought it to study the pleat construction.

A classic shape with pleats.

The box pleat is pieced in and has the lovely stitching at top.

The hem and sleeves both have hem tape and hand stitched hems.

Lapped zipper and perfect straight stitches. The zipper is a little crooked from me washing and drying the thrift store finds.

I just love the care and time that went into this dress and couldn’t stand to see it get tossed. I’ll put in my studio as a reminder of how well made garments last.

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