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Winter Wonderland


I’ve been reading a lot lately. Mostly because I have finally gotten a routine settled for myself with self care which includes getting more sleep. My brain spins at bedtime like a Jr. High kid getting a swirly. I have set aside at least an hour each night to read and relax my mind and body. On my Listers Gotta List email for January there was an excercise to list books you want to read in 2016. Now, I want to read more than these but these are my next up. I set my Goodreads goal at something like 50, but I hope to read more than that.

Aa far as the LGL, it’s a tool to help me journal. I am a giant planner nerd and am currently using a Travelers Notebook setup. My love of planners is a whole other post. You don’t even wanna know…

Listers Gotta List January
Listers Gotta List January

Proud Momma Moment

kidshike My son just graduated from OSUT at Fort Benning. If you don’t know what OSUT is, that is One Station Unit Training. That is for the infantry. Having your child go away and lose all contact for a while is disconcerting but I made it through. I think it’s easier since he had lived in his own apartment for a while before he left and didn’t come over every day. I had adapted to our relationship and this is another adaptation. The good thing is that now he is done and at his duty station so I can hear from him when I want. Yay for modern communication.

Then my daughter snagged a second job this week. She’s getting her single motherhood badge stamped a couple of times. Working hard and taking care of a toddler is not an easy feat. I am impressed by the young adults that my children are turning out to be.

So often you wonder if you’re screwing your kids up-and yes-we all are. Guess that puts on pretty equal footing out there in the world. I just wonder when those two little kids became a US soldier and a mom?


Getting your mojo back

French Breakfast Radishes

Ever notice how when you’ve been a mom for so long and worked under stress for a while that you lose motivation to do the fun things in your life?  I’m trying to get myself excited by planning my garden for spring. I’m ogling the Baker Heirloom Seeds catalog at my house and I apparently need about 2 acres to garden in, although at that size I would be a mini farm. I added a third raised bed this year for tomatoes only. I have list of new veggies to try and some that I loved. French Breakfast radishes are one of my favorites and always for in as soon as possible. I’m definitely planting Sugar Pie pumpkins again-last year was the first year and I got them planted too late but managed to get about a half dozen. So good. They makes great muffins.

Powering through the bleak days of January and February and then I should be on top of the world. Until then I’m really going to focus on some yoga and some more meditation and lots of hot tea to help me get my groove back. I know it’s in there somewhere.